About KCC

Know your Grower

KCC was started to fill a hole in the Kalispell area medical cannabis market. After talking with friends and family about their experiences with the medical cannabis in the Flathead Valley, I realized how many people were still turning to the black market to get the best products.  A member of my family was diagnosed with cancer, and I decided to see if cannabis could help him.  After months of research I knew that he needed FECO when he started chemotherapy, and it had to be really clean.  No chemicals possibly left in it from growing, or processing.  I couldn’t fathom buying a concentrate from any of the providers we visited, after asking a few questions to see how they grew their plants and made their concentrates.  It was obvious that there was a need for a high quality, all natural, locally grown cannabis provider.  As time went by, more friends and family members were signing up for salves and tinctures, FECO and top shelf cannabis.

A Better Process

I’ve tried every modern approach to growing cannabis, and after many years of trial and error have found that cannabis grown with all-natural methods is far superior to everything else. The nose and flavor profiles produced are far beyond anything achievable with bottled nutrients or hydroponics. The smoothness of the smoke is just unachievable from other methods of growing cannabis.

Once the plant takes up manufactured nutrients, they don’t come back out. They are in the cells and were used by the plant to construct the plant’s cell walls. By creating plant nutrients derived from local flora, you are able to have confidence that there are no artificial chemicals ingested by the plants. There’s no chance your medicine will have trace chemicals because they were never present in the first place.

My focus is on providing the most naturally produced cannabis possible.  Rather than being obsessed with the bottom line, I’m trying to provide medicinal grade cannabis.  Because of this, my methods don’t allow for cutting corners or justifying using pesticides to protect future profits.  Korean natural farming is the best, and only way currently, that I know of to do so.


The Good and the Bad are One.

Higher Quality

Kalispell Cannabis Club is a small-batch, artisan-grown cannabis provider. What this means is that nothing is automated and our variety options are high.  Variety is the spice of life, and I’m committed to having a large selection available.  Every plant requires a different regimen, and I really enjoy the process, and take the time to maximize your selection.

We stay in contact with breeders all over the world to attain strains that nobody else can buy. From African landrace strains sent from several different countries in Africa,  to Afghani strains from the middle east,  and the rugged growing conditions of Alaska, KCC is committed to having as large of a variety as possible.

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