My Process

Growing up in Montana means having access to some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the United States.  My wife and I have taken full advantage of that fact, from our first date hiking to Fish Lake in Glacier Park almost 20 years ago.  We spend much of our time in the Bob Marshall wilderness, as well as up the North Fork, Hungry Horse and, of course, Glacier National Park.  There is life, in abundance, all over the Flathead Valley.  This lends well to growing all natural cannabis.

Kalispell Cannabis Club grows our flowers using a method called Korean Natural Farming (KNF), intertwined with the ideas covered by Master Cho in the book Jadam.  I do not use any chemicals on my plants, not even ones labelled “organic”.  I harvest flora around the Flathead Valley and extract the nutrients from them, using all natural processes, to feed my plants.  I also make my own biodynamic compost that is used as 25% of my soil mix, as well as for top dressing and making teas for my plants.  I harvest about 20 gallons of worm castings 3 times a month, and use them in my soils and for teas as well.  I have no need, nor use for third party bottled nutrients.  My water is all taken from a multi filter reverse osmosis system, then remineralized from local resources using the methods taught in Jadam.  I harvest new growth from trees on my property that stimulate root growth in seedlings and cuttings.  I cultivate micro organisms from the mountains, and utilize them in my soils for my plants.  Following the teachings of KNF.

This is my trade, and I take it seriously.  Highest quality available anywhere, grown using methods that leave my customers assured that there is nothing in their product but the cannabis.  While I’m capable in other methods to grow bigger plants, for bigger profits, that is not my objective.  Highest quality possible, at comparable prices to those using synthetic chemicals, and “organic” third party chemicals to grow their cannabis.