Get Montana Marijuana Card

I have a doctor

If you have a doctor who already understands that cannabis is the best treatment for your medical issues, becoming a cardholder under the Montana Marijuana Program is easy. Simply schedule an appointment with your regular doctor who will fill out the official Montana Physician Statement form.

I need a doctor

If you don’t have a doctor, or your physician is unable to complete the Physician Statement, our medical office of choice is the Western Path Healing Center. Since they are primarily involved with cannabis medicine, they understand the problems that patients face when dealing with conventional prescription medicine. They can assist you in completing the Physician Statement form.

After the Physician Statement is complete, you will need to submit a completed Registered Cardholder Application form to the state. You can find the walk through on how to use complia on this page; Montana DPHHS.  If you have applied to be a member of Kalispell Cannabis Club, you will need to contact me to complete my part of your application.

Once the forms are complete, they are submitted to the Montana Department of Human Services with a $30 application fee.

Welcome to the Montana Marijuana Program!

Once you have your card, that’s it! You’re free to choose between any provider at any time simply by filling out a Change Request Form. If you have applied for membership with Kalispell Cannabis Club, you’re guaranteed the highest quality cannabis available in the Flathead Valley.  If not, you can apply here; Apply Now