Delivery Options

Schedule your delivery, on site.

Easily schedule deliveries for any days, and times, that are convenient for you.  Utilize the scheduling tool at check out.

Wake up at 2am, suffering from Insomnia, PTSD, or chronic pain?  KCC will be there for you.  Deliveries between the hours 10pm and 8:00am have a minimum charge of $100, and an additional fee of $50.  Those deliveries have to be scheduled by phone.

I understand how much you love the holidays, and sometimes it’s hard to plan ahead for them.  I am ready to make sure you receive your deliveries every day.  My pricing schedule for holiday deliveries :

  • 4th of July – Any delivery’s ordered on the 4th of July have an additional cost of $100
  • X mas – From Xmas Eve at 4pm, until the day after Xmas, there is an additional cost of $100
  • Thanksgiving – Before 2pm : $50 additional charge ; After 2pm – $100 additional cost.
  • New Years – From 4pm on New Years eve until I wake up on New Years day carries an additional cost of $100
  • Halloween – From 4pm on there is an additional charge of $50


At Kalispell Cannabis Club, we love to see you smile!  My mission is to help you achieve a better quality of life.